Children who are currently in Year 3 and above, have been Baptised in the Catholic Church and have received the Sacrament of First Reconciliation are eligible to enrol to prepare for the Sacrament of FIRST EUCHARIST.

FIRST EUCHARIST 2020 will be celebrated on Sunday 13 September at 10:30am Mass and Sunday 20 September at 10:30am Mass. Numbers will be strictly limited to 3 per family, i.e. the child making their First Eucharist plus 2 additional family members only.

Students from SMSJ Catholic Primary School can be enrolled directly at the school. The Instructional Lessons will be provided in their Religious Education lessons in school time.

Students attending schools other than SMSJ are required to attend a compulsory Instructional Lesson at the Parish on Sunday 30 August, commencing with 9:00am Mass and finishing at approximately 12:00pm.

To register, please complete the First Eucharist Enrolment Form and return it to the Parish office together with a copy of your Child’s Baptism and First Reconciliation certificates and an Administration fee of $30.00 (cash or cheque). Note that the Parish Office is open Tue – Thu from 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Upon enrolment children will receive a First Eucharist Children’s Activity Book which is to be completed at home with the assistance of their parents and brought to the Instructional Lesson on 30 August.

Enrolment Deadline is: Wednesday 12 August